Meet the DemoCAT Candidate, William

Democat Candidate William is so handsome, tomcats call themselves William cats. He is so clever, old dogs come to him for new tricks. He is so chill, catnip uses him to relax. He is myth. He is legend. He is the most interesting cat in the world. Or at least in Forsyth County. Or, at least, in his caretaker's backyard. He doesn't always get involved in politics, but when he does he fights for the little guys, the forgotten ones. William is the candidate who knows all too well that our vet care system needs to be accessible by all cats, domestic and feral. HE WILL FIX THIS NATION!  Will you join him?

William’s Platform includes:

~  Gender neutral litter boxes for North Carolina

~  The right to conceal and carry claws

~  Harsher leash laws for dogs

~  Monthly spay clinics to provide Universal Health Care for the feral population

~  Feeding the poor who have colonized in our communities

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