Meet the RePUPlican Candidate, Ribbons

Repuplican Candidate Ribbons hails from the Eastern County of Nash, North Carolina.  She is home grown in our state, and she understands the issues facing dogs in society today.  Ribbons spent time in a local shelter, so she has first-paw experience with the issues of overcrowding at animal control facilities.  Ribbons is a candidate who really "hears" our concerns (as long as you give them to her in sign language), and she is the candidate who is going to MAKE ADOPTION GREAT AGAIN!

Ribbons’ Platform includes: 

~  Tax breaks for those who adopt or foster

~  Raising awareness about yellow ribbon recognition for special needs/shy dogs

Building a fence and making them pay for it!

~  Benefits for retired service dogs

~  Shelter reform and harsher laws for puppy mills in NC

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