Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Join us on Saturday, Oct 1 for the Pet President Kick Off Event!

Do you find human politics to be too crazy and overwhelming lately?

Never fear - Pet President is here!
Forgotten Felines of Forsyth is joining forces with Stepping Stones Canine Rescue to present two of our own candidates who can help lighten your political mood!  Please join us on the campaign trail for the next six weeks as the candidates make their pleas for who will be the best PET PRESIDENT!

Allow us to introduce William, our DemoCATic candidate who will be discussing important topics such as Universal Healthcare for his fellow ferals, feeding the poor who live here in our own community, and fighting for litterbox equality for all!

His opposition and our RePUPlican candidate, Ribbons, will be out on the campaign trail enlightening people about the plight of shelter dogs in NC, the importance of adoption, and need for building tall, tall fences that someone else can pay for ;)

Ribbons and William are here to save the day with their goofy antics and important pet policies!  Thanks for having fun with us, and please know that every dollar donated to the Pet President Campaign will go directly to the care of the Stepping Stones dogs and the community cats of Forgotten Felines of Forsyth.

See you all on the campaign trail
beginning this Saturday, October 1st from 12 - 3 at
Foothills Brewery Tasting Room located at 3800 Kimwell Dr, WS 27103.